Our Passion: Networking

24-7 Cargo Alliance is a freight forwarding network with one main principle connecting freight forwarding agents which are working on time critical / AOG shipments. It is a group of worldwide forwarders who are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. These agents are used to dealing with shipments of aircraft , manufacturer , and vessel spare parts and any other type of shipment which is time sensitive and extremly urgent. Networking is the basis behind our company and the services that we represent. 247 CARGO ALLIANCE is a logistics network that is focused on quality. Our agents are hand-selected through personal visits from our staff. Our team evaluates each potential member, their business, facilities, personell and amount of shipments they can bring into the network. In additional to this we also take into consideration recommendations from fellow members. It is our goal to select the finest candidates to join our network of freight forwarders.

With regard to the daily business within our network, our team monitors business transaction between our members to ensure that members are working together for the mutual benefit of all. Our management team monitors the members’ outstanding invoices between each other and sends out automated and manual payment reminders. You can rest assured that by working with an 247 Cargo Alliance member you will know that they are a reliable and efficient company. To make sure business runs smoothly, we have established a set of rules and guidelines which members follow.

Our team believes that a freight forwarding association / logistics network should do more than just offer members a directory of industry contacts.

By joining 247 CARGO ALLIANCE, you are joining a family of freight forwarders that is happy to work with you and help you grow your business.

For us networking is not offering a platform – we simply enjoy bringing people together and this is what it´s all about: 24-7 CARGO ALLIANCE is not a phonebook, it´s a group of people, it´s a forwarder´s family!

Connections & Ties:
24-7 Cargo Alliance is a trade name and operates under Global Freight Alliance GmbH.
(www.globalfreightalliance.com), the mother company, specialized in general cargo freight forwarding.

24-7 Cargo Alliance is part of the Gross Fuchs Group of Companies (www.gross-fuchs.com)
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24-7 Cargo Alliance network represented in 55 offices, covering 36 countries


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