Day to Day Networking

Day to Day Business

Day to day business for our members requires certain guidelines and rules. At 24-7 Cargo Alliance we give our members a certain framework for the daily business via our terms & conditions (download) covering all relevant issues like:

- communication within the network among the partners
- terms of profit sharing
- payment terms
- our policy on buying and selling rates
- routing orders & sales leads

Regular Newsletters:

Day-to-day networking happens in conjunction with our regular newsletters, keeping our members informed about the latest developments within the group as well as new member announcements, conference dates and other important information.

Annual meetings:

Once a year 24-7 Cargo Alliance meets to give the group the perfect opportunity to network and to exchange business.  To balance the travel expenses we´re constantly holding our events in different locations around the globe. The G+F Conferences take place in beautiful places such as Antalya, Manila, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, Las Vegas, Dubai and of course in our hometown, Munich.

thanks for joining us in London!

24-7 Cargo Alliance network represented in 55 offices, covering 36 countries


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