24-7 Cargo Alliance

What makes 247 so special?

To name a few benefits of our freight forwarding network

  • Annual Conferences
  • Financial Protection Program
  • Global Coverage

These are common features that logistics networks offer their members. 

On top of this we offer you:

Hand Selected Members – Through our extensive travel all across the globe, we work to find the most reliable and stable partners to join our network.  This is how we ensure quality and constant growth.

Shipment Obligation - 247 Cargo Alliance is the only logistics network with a shipment obligation policy monitored by an online-software.  By this, we ensure that our members are cooperating with each other to a certain extent and are also receiving an appropriate return of shipments.

Invoice Shipment Report – ISR – Our custom Invoice Shipment Report (ISR) system, takes care of ALL payment reminders of our network´s members and giving us a perfect overview about outstanding amounts within our group and about payment defaults.

thanks for joining us in London!

24-7 Cargo Alliance network represented in 55 offices, covering 36 countries


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