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About 27/7 Cargo Alliance

24/7 Cargo Alliance is a highly specialized, professional and worldwide network of freight forwarders, bringing together the best forwarders, regarding time-sensitive and top urgent shipments.

Quality first

24/7 Cargo Alliance is a logistic network that is focused on quality but quantity: Our agents are hand-selected through personal visits from our staff and referrals from our fellow members

Extensive experience

There are many networks out there. What sets us apart: our extensive experience in the field of international cargo and transport aswell as our financial backing to support a multinational network of freight forwarding agents. 

Guaranteed profitable business

Our limitation of agents per region and our shipment obligation policy ensures, that you will only work together with partners that can provide a substantial amount of business to the network. 

A trusted network

For our member recruitment we take into consideration recommendations from fellow members of the logistics network and travel the globe for personal visits. Mutual trust is of utmost importance to us. 

Monitored business transactions

We constantly monitor business transactions between our members, keep track of outstanding invoices and send payment reminders if required. You can rest assured that your work in our network is reliable and safe. 

Who is behind 24/7 Cargo Alliance?

24-7 Cargo Alliance was established in 2015 with the expertise of our President Helmut Gross with over 40 years of experience in the freight forwarding of time critical parts. As part of the Gross Fuchs Group of Networks, 24/7 Cargo Alliance is looking back on over 10 years of networking experience and many developing long-term business relationships.