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Benefits of joining the 24/7 CA network

For us networking is not just offering a platform - we simply enjoy bringing people together and this is what it's all about: 24/7 CA is not a phonebook, it's a group of people, it's forwarders family!

daily benefits

Annual International Conferences

Once a year the 24/7 CA Network comes together to give all members te perfect opportunity to network and to exchange business. To balance out the travel expenses, every year, we change venues, as well we try to combine the conferences with key events of the industry for example the well-known MRO-exhibition.
Over the past years the 247CargoAlliance hosted conferences in Munich, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Barcelone and others.

Global Network Coverage

Though being a comparably young network we offer a unique coverage in main and niche markets already, resulting out of our long knowledge of the market and the industry itself.

Unique Financial Protection Program

We continuously monitor business transactions between members making sure that everything is running smoothly within our logistics network. Our administration team monitors our members’ outstanding dues and sends out payment reminders when necessary. By working with one of our partners, you can rest assured that invoices will be settled and that you are working with a reliable partner.

What makes 24/7 Cargo Alliance so special for your company?


24/7 representatives scour the globe, looking for the most reliable and stable partners to join our freight forwarding network.  This is how we ensure quality for all members.

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Shipment Obligation

24/7 is the only logistics network with a shipment obligation policy which is monitored by our custom developed online software platform.  This way we can oversee the day to day business of our network and make sure that our members are cooperating with each other to a certain extent.  Most importantly, this system ensures that members are receiving an appropriate return of shipments.

Invoice Shipment Report

ISR – Our custom Invoice Shipment Report (ISR) system, sends out automated payment reminders to members of our network and gives us an overview of the outstanding amounts within our group as well as any payment defaults. 


we LIVE the idea of 24/7 ourselves! Let us know your needs and your requirements, we´re happy to assist you wherever and whenver! Our own background is the AOG-business and the aviation industry, cerosine is in our veins :-)